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Positive Winds

Iceland may be a perfect setting for extensive utilization of wind energy.

Wind farms in Iceland can be expected to be almost 100% more efficient than in Europe or USA (according to early research). Due to low population density and extensive areas of land with few natural or manmade barriers, there is plenty of space for large wind parks.

Large-scale wind power utilization in Iceland may be especially attractive in connection with a subsea electrical HVDC-cable between Iceland and Europe. Instead of constructing very expensive offshore wind farms outside the coast of countries like Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom, investing in wind power in Iceland may be both less costly and offer lower political thresholds.

You can find information about wind energy potentials in Iceland on our wind page.

High-Tech Society

With its successful educational system and one of the world’s highest scores  for entrepreneurship, Iceland is an excellent location for numerous modern industries and services.

In recent years, new enterprises such as biotechnology firms and data centers have found Iceland a profitable and promising place to locate their businesses.  When looking towards the future, Icelandic high-tech society, solid engineering expertise, and natural conditions offer interesting possibilities in advanced green energy development. These advantages  apply to bio-energy, wind power, and marine energy technology, among others.

For more information about life & prosperity in Iceland, you can check out OECD’s Better Life Index and  the Legatum Prosperity Index. You will find more information about Iceland industries in our investment section.

Forthcoming Projects

The Icelandic government has recently worked out a comprehensive Master Plan for Hydro and Geothermal Energy Resources in Iceland.

The new Master Plan is a pathway towards new renewable energy projects. At the same time it aims at protecting numerous areas from development.

According to the plan, several new hydroelectric and geothermal power plants can be expected to be constructed in Iceland in the forthcoming years. The upcoming power projects are further described under our renewable sources menu.

Environmental consciousness is always an important factor regarding utilization of renewable energy sources in Iceland. For more information about environmental protection in Iceland go to our environmental page.

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