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Icelandic Energy News 2012

Rigzone, December 4th 2012:
Faroe, Valiant, Petoro Awarded Icelandic Blocks

IceNews, November 27th 2012:
Iceland-UK Geothermal Energy Deal Moves Closer

Cyprus Mail, November 22nd 2012:
What do Cyprus and Iceland Have in Common?

Bloomberg, November 20th 2012:
IEA Says Nordic Power Exports May Climb to 100 Terawatt-Hours

Ottawa Citizen, November 17th 2012:
How Iceland’s Volcanoes Could Fix Britain’s Energy Needs

Business Insider, November 15th 2012:
How Iceland Solved The Problem Of The Dirty Data Center

United Press International, November 12th 2012:
Iceland Signs on to Africa Geothermal Plan

The Telegraph, November 12th 2012:
Icelandic Volcanoes Could Heat British homes

Panorama Gibraltar, November 12th 2012r:
Energy Solutions a Top Priority! 

Iceland Review, November 9th 2012:
Iceland Foreign Minister Presents Rift Valley Geothermal Project

IceNews, November 9th 2012:
Iceland Key Partner in Extensive Development Project on Geothermal Energy

European Plastic News, November 9th 2012:
Promens Taps ‘Green’ Energy at Iceland Plant

IceNews, November 8th 2012:
Iceland Should Focus on Renewable Energy Exports

Renewable Energy World, November 7th 2012:
Iceland: High Penetration of Renewables in the Modern Era

IceNews, November 6th 2012:
President of International Geothermal Association to Speak at Iceland Energy Conference

Reauters, November 1st 2012:
McKinsey: Green Energy Exports Key to Iceland’s Growth

Offshore Magazine, October 30th 2012:
Iceland reviews Offshore License Bids

National Geographic, October 25th 2012:
How Hosting Companies Are Being Eco Friendly

Virtualization Review, October 23rd 2012:
Ice to the (Data Center’s) Rescue

Emirates News Agency, October 22nd 2012:
President of Iceland Visit Masdar’s Shams 1 Solar Power Station

Gulf News, October 17th 2012:
579 Submissions for Zayed Future Energy Prize

SKNVibes, October 16th 2012:
Montserrat signs Geothermal Contract with Iceland Drilling Company 

Iceland Review Online, October 16th 2012:
Icelandic Energy Management Solutions Company in Talks with Chinese Shipping Company

Iceland Review Online, October 16th 2012:
Iceland Startup Granted Europe Investment Award

IEEE Spectrum, October 11th 2012:
The Greening of the Cloud

Smart Planet, October 11th 2012:
BMW’s Cold Call: It Shifts Computing to Iceland

Philippine Information Agency, October 11th 2012:
Drilling for $150-M Biliran Energy Project to Start 2013

Tech Week Europe, October 10th 2012:
BMW Shifts Supercomputing To Iceland To Save Emissions

Information Age, October 10th 2012:
BMW Moves Into Icelandic Data Centre

New Straits Times, October 10th 2012:
Green Technology: Clean energy clearly the answer

Lahontan Valley News, October 4th 2012:
Showcasing the County’s Alternative Energy

Iceland Review, October 3rd 2012:
Icelandic Company Talks Energy Service at White House

Venture Beat, October 2nd 2012:
World’s First Completely Eco-friendly Cloud Computing Center

Philippine Daily Inquirer, October 2nd 2012:
Orka Energy Joins $150M Geothermal Power Project

Deutsche Welle, October 1st 2012:
Up inside Iceland’s Green Cloud

CBS News, October 1st 2012:
Issue Brief: Energy and Environment

Manilla Bulletin Publishing, October 1st 2012:
Iceland Firm Enters Biliran Geothermal

MSNBC / NYT, September 19th 2012:
China Joins Nations Seeking Treasure in Warming Arctic

This is Cornwall, September 19th 2012:
South West Leads Support for Hot Rocks Energy Technology

Ethiopian Business Portal, September 18th 2012:
Iceland’s Reykjavík Geothermal Close to Reach Deal With EEPCo

IceNews, September 18th 2012:
BMW Leases Space With Verne Global at Ásbrú Enterprise Park in Iceland

Inter Press Service, August 22nd 2012:
Going Far, and Fast, on Electrofuels

Alternative Energy eMagazine, August 3rd 2012:
Reykjavik to Host 2nd ACI’s Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2012

Read Write Web, July 19th 2012:
How to Host Your Data for Less in Iceland’s Green Data Centers

Read Write Web, July 18th 2012:
Iceland’s Cheap, Green Cloud: How a Tiny Island Could Drive Big Changes.

Recycling Today, July 11th 2012:
Icelandic Metals Recycler Using Renewable Energy

Web Host Industry Review, July 5th 2012:
Icelandic Cloud Host GreenQloud Names CEO and CMO

Business Wire, June 29th 2012:
Landsvirkjun in Iceland Announces New Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement with PCC, June 29th 2012:
Alterra Power Receives Offer for Icelandic Power Interests 

Green Autoblog, June 26th 2012:
Iceland Drops High VAT Tax for Electric Vehicle

MarketWatch, June 25th 2012:
Landsvirkjun in Iceland Announces New Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement with GMR

IceNews, June 21st 2012:
Geothermal Energy Conference to Take Place in Reykjavík Iceland

PR Newswire, June 21st 2012:
Verne Global Honored as a Top Sustainable Solution at Rio+20

IceNews, June 14th 2012:
Verne Global happy with green data center in Iceland

Energy Digital, June 12th 2012:
Century Aluminum Acquires European Anode Facility

MarketWatch, June 11th 2012:
New Report Ranks World’s Biggest Countries on Renewable Energy 

Bloomberg, June 7th 2012:
Iceland Targets Commercial Oil Discoveries Off Its Coast By 2025

The West Australian, June 5th 2012:
Calm in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Financial Times, June 1th 2012:
Supply: European ‘Supergrid’ Dream Has Merit

UK Department of Energy & Climate Change, May 30th 2012:
UK and Iceland Sign Energy Agreement

Green Wise Business, May 30th 2012:
UK Signs Geothermal Deal With Iceland 

Market Watch, May 30th 2012:
Landsvirkjun in Iceland Offers the Most Competitive Energy Prices in Europe: 100 Percent Green and Renewable Energy

International Water Power Magazine, May 29th 2012:
Landsvirkjun’s Hvammur Project Assessed Under HSAP

IceNews, May 25th 2012:
Most Competitive Energy Prices in Europe Offered by Landsvirkjun in Iceland 

Energy Boom, April 30th 2012:
Iceland Agrees to Help China Develop its Vast Geothermal Potential

BBC News, April 12th 2012:
UK in Talks With Iceland Over ‘Volcanic Power Link’


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