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Icelandic Energy News 2014

Sputnik News, December 29th 2014:
Iceland: A New Safe Haven for Data Privacy?

Aljazeera, December 28th 2014:
Can Iceland Become the ‘Switzerland of Data’?

Iceland Review, December 26th 2014:
Aluminum Smelters in Iceland

Nordic Energy, December 15th 2014:
Better Forecasting to Optimize Wind Power Production in Iceland and Nordic Countries

Globe News Wire, December 8th 2014:
Moody’s Changes Outlook to Positive on Orkuveita Reykjavikur’s B1 Rating

Globe News Wire,  December 5h 2014:
Rio Tinto Alcan Iceland and Landsvirkjun Review Their Power Contract

Forbes, December 2nd 2014:
Iceland Will Become A Mecca For Data Processing

KTV Alaska, November 26th 2014:
Geothermal energy: What Alaska can learn from Iceland

IceNews, November 25th 2014:
Landmark Geothermal Resource Park MoU signed between Nicaragua and Iceland

 Cornell Chronicle, November 24th 2014:
Iceland President: Green Energy Forges Good Business

Global News Wire, November 24th 2014,
Reykjavik Energy’s Equity Solidifies

The Cornell Daily Sun, November 23rd 2014:
President of Iceland Stresses Importance of Sustainability

Iceland Geothermal, November 19th 2014:
Iceland and Nicaragua Working Together on Geothermal Energy Usage

Vancouver Observer, November 18th 2014:
Icelandic Geothermal as Model for British Columbia

Green Autoblog, November 15th 2014:
Sun Country EVEN headed to Iceland

Santa Fe New Mexican, November 15th 2014:
Iceland — a model for New Mexico?

CNN, November 14th 2014:
Can Scandinavia Cool the Internet’s Appetite for Power?

Modern Farmer, November 13th 2014:
Growing Bananas in Iceland

Cornell Daily Sun, November 12th 2014:
Iceland’s President Discusses Energy at Cornell University

Arctic Journal, November 12th 2014:
Danish  National Weather Office Utilizes Supercomputers in Iceland

Cornell University Chronicle, November 11th 2014:
Cornell University Awards Sustainable Energy Prize to Iceland’s Presodent

IEEE Spectrum, November 6th 2014:
Is Iceland Poised to Become a Data Center Paradise?

Grapevine, November 4th 2014:
Educating the Whole World About Sustainable Energy in Iceland

Xinhuanet, November 1st 2014:
Renewable Energy and Free Trade Agreement Offers Multiple Opportunities for Iceland and China

Globe Newswire, October 31st 2014:
Increased Environmental Investments and Firm Cash Position of Reykjavík Energy

Alaska Dispatch News, October 30th 2014:
Iceland Conference Draws on Hopes, Concerns for Changing Arctic

South China Morning Post, October 22nd 2014:
Sinopec Seeks to Commercialise Geothermal Energy in Cooperation With Icelandic Orka Energy

Gulf News, October 20th 2014:
President of Iceland is Chair of the Zayed Energy Prize 

Newsweek, October 17th 2014:
Inexpensive Renewable Electricity in Iceland

Under Current News, October 17h 2014:
Farming Lobster in Iceland, Using Geothermal Energy

Grapevine, October 8th2014:
Icelanders Consume Most Electricity

Dakota Student, October 7th 2014:
Green Energy Program in Iceland

International Business Times, October 7th 2014:
Geothermal Gold: Why Bitcoin Mines are Moving to Iceland

Iceland Review, October 4th 2014;
Iceland the World’s Top Energy User

Global Capital, October 3rd 2014:
Iceland Plugging Into the European Energy Market

Global Capital, October 3rd 2014:
Iceland Enters New Era

Global Capital, October 3rd 2014:
Growth and Opportunities in Iceland

Energy Digital, October 2nd 2014:
From Beneath the Earth: Icelandic Geothermal Energy

Data Center Knowledge, October 1st 2014:
Verne Signs Effects Firm With “Gravity” Credits for Iceland Data Center

Oil Price, September 29th 2014:
The World’s 10 Biggest Energy Gluttons

The Fiji Times, September 10th 2014:
Iceland as Energy Development Model for Fiji

Tech Republic, September 5th 2014:
Paula Gould: CMO. Green cloud advocate. Former tour publicist. Icelander.

University of Pennsylvania, September 4th 2014:
Penn Sophomore Seeks to Globalize Iceland’s Innovations in Renewable Energy

Bloomberg, September 4th 2014:
Iceland Is Moving Forward on ‘Projects’ for Europe Power Link

The Daily Targum, September 4th 2014:
Green Program Offers Students Education About Sustainability Through Excursions to Iceland

Globe Newswire, August 29th 2014:
Reykjavik Energy’s Operations According to “Plan”

World Bulletin, August 28th 2014:
Iceland Plans to Get Electricity from Magma

CoinDesk, August 27th 2014:
DigitalBTC’s New Mining Centre Powered 100% by Icelandic Renewable Energy

World Bulletin News, August 25th 2014:
Renewable Energy Saves Iceland

National Geographic, August 18th 2014:
New Energy Projects Boost the Use of Undersea Power Cables Such as Between Iceland and UK

Arctic Startup, August 11th 2014:
Why Iceland has the Cleanest Energy and How You Can Be a Part of It

Clean Technica, July 31st 2014:
Silicor Materials Building First Large-Scale Solar Silicon Plant In Grundartangi, Iceland

Forbes, July 30th 2014:
Iceland: Remaking an Economy Through Entrepreneurship

New York Times, July 23rd 2014:
Geothermal Industry Grows, With Help From Oil and Gas Drilling

Iceland Review, July 16th 2014:
Iceland Offers to Map Ukraine’s Geothermal Heat

 Market Watch, July 15th 2014:
Silicor Materials Selects Iceland Site for First Large-Scale Solar Silicon Plant

Autoblog Green, July 11th 2014:
Rapid Electric Car Charging in Iceland

Nasdaq, July 9th 2014:
Reykjavik is the World’s Most Energy-Efficient City

Oil Price, July 8th 2014:
Reykjavik is the World’s Most Energy-Efficient City

Fort Mill Times, July 7th 2014:
Verne Global’s Free Cooling Technology

Globe Newswire, June 24th 2014:
Reitun Improves Reykjavik Energy‘s Rating

ENDS Europe, June 20th 2014:
EU, Iceland Agree Joint Kyoto Protocol Goal

Market Watch, June 19th 2014:
Verne Global Recognized for Innovative Marketing Videos

Reuters, June 18th 2014:
Chinese Think-Tank Says Arctic Energy Would Help Economy

Data Center Knowledge, June 16th 2014:
Iceland Utility Touts Cheap Clean Energy to Lure Data Centers

CityAM, JUne 12th 2014:
Subsidising Power Plants in Iceland and on Continental Europe Could Bring Down UK Energy Bills

Business Green, June 12th 2014:
Interconnectors from Iceland and European Continent to the UK Could Cut UK Decarbonisation Costs

Iceland Review, June 10th 2014:
Icelandic President Agitates for Energy Revolution

African Review, June 5th 2014:
African Union and Reykyjavik Geothermal to Drill Wells in Ethiopia

Hydrogen Fuel News, June 3rd 2014:
Geothermal Energy from Iceland Could Power Homes in Europe

Blue & Green Tomorrow, June 3rd 2014:
Iceland Could Double Geothermal Energy Output to Help Power Europe

Bloomberg, May 30th 2014:
Iceland Moves Closer to Powering European Homes With Green Power

Iceland Review, May 27th 2014:
Icelandic Company to Begin Oil Search this Year

Rigzone, May 26th 2014:
Offshore Iceland: The Next Arctic Opportunity?

Cryptocoins News, May 23rd 2014:
Inside Look At’s Bitcoin Mining Datacentre In Iceland

Climate Progress, May 15th 2014:
Icelandic Researchers Could Incite A Green Power Revolution

Bloomberg Business Week, May 14th 2014:
Privatization Ahead in the Icelandic Energy Industry?

International Business Times, May 2nd 2014:
Norwegian Land Up For Sale Could Be What China Needs To Access The Arctic

Silicon Republic, April 22nd 2014:
Earth Day: Reykjavik is the World’s Most Energy Efficient City

Dakota Student, April 11th 2014:
Engineering Students from University of North Dakota in Iceland

Business Wire, April 1st 2014:
Icelandic Verne Global Recognized with Environmental Leader Award

The Seattle Times, April 1st 2014:
Geothermal makes Iceland a Hot Destination, March 31st 2014:
Researcher Takes Measure of Carbon Storage in Iceland

WebWire, March 24th 2014:
Landsvirkjun’s New Hydropower Station in Iceland Sees Official Start Up

HydroWorld, March 19th 2014:
Icelandic Renewable Energy Company Landsvirkjun Powers Up New Hydropower Station

Business Wire, March 18th 2014:
Landsvirkjun and PCC Bakki Silicon Sign a Power Purchase Agreement

IceNews, March 17th 2014:
Iceland Energy Provider Landsvirkjun Starts Up New Hydropower Station

Bloomberg Business Week, March 12th 2014:
Reykjavik Plans to Start $2 Billion Ethiopian Power Project

Maritime Executive, March 11th 2014:
CNOOC Ready to Explore Offshore Iceland

Romania Insider, March 11th 2014:
Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein Give Romania EUR 8 Million for Energy Efficiency

Platts, March 10th 2014:
China’s CNOOC Preparing Oil and Gas Exploration Offshore Iceland

Gulf News, March 8th 2014:
Iceland Working With Masdar, Irena on Food Security Project

International Business Times, March 7th 2014:
CNOOC First Chinese Firm Licensed To Explore Arctic Oil And Gas Resources

ReNews, March 7th 2014:
Voith Wraps Up 95MW Budarhals Hydro in Iceland

Energy Live News, March 4th 2014:
China Joins Hunt for Arctic Oil on Icelandic Continental Shelf

Datacentre Dynamics, March 4h 2014:
Icelandic GreenQloud Releases Q-Stack Built on Apache Cloudstack

China News Service, March 4th 2014:
CNOOC Licensed to Seek Arctic Oil

Fresh Business Thinking, February 27th 2014:
Arctic Next Investment Hot Spot Says Energy Expert

Talkin’ Cloud February 27th 2014:
Icelandic GreenQloud Aims for Green Cloud Offering with QStack

MENA Financial Network, February 26th 2014:
Alterra Power Announces HS Orka’s 2013 Annual Financial Results

Renewable Energy Magazine, February 21st 2014:
Minister Sees Potential in Geothermal Cooperation Between Iceland and Japan

Renew Economy, February 20th 2014:
Mixed Greens: Iceland and Japan Cooperating

Bloomberg, February 19th 2014:
Iceland, Japan Can Cooperate to Boost Geothermal

ThinkGeoEnergy, February 17th 2014:
Icelandic Parliament Backs Further Studies on UK Cable

Utility Week, February 17th 2014:
Icelandic Parliament Backs Further Work on 1,000 km Interconnector

Upstream Online, February 17th 2014:
Eykon ‘Turns Up’ Jan Mayen Volume

Wall Street Journal, February 17th 2014:
Reykjavik Energy Refinances Sewerage Loans

Scandinavia – a Way to Go, February 17th 2014:
Powerline from Iceland to UK have moved a step closer


International Business Times, February 17th 2014:
Iceland Is Pushing Geothermal Boundaries

Green Building Press, February 16th 2014:
UK To Plug Into Iceland

City A.M., February 10th 2014
City Chief Plots £4bn Powerline from Iceland

Newsmax, February 6th 2014:
Iceland Magma: Geothermal Energy Production Is Possible, Experts Say

Offshore, February 6th 2014:
CNOOC to Lead Offshore Iceland License Group

Daily Mail, February 5th 2014:
The Lava-Fuelled Power Station in Iceland

OilPrice, February 5h 2014:
Iceland Assisting Japan Developing New Geothermal Power Plants

Guardian Liberty Voice February 5th 2014:
Iceland Drilling Shocker Opens Door to New Magma Powered Electricity

The Epoch Times, February 5th 2014:
Iceland Magma Geothermal: Combination of Natural Energy Forces Discovered

Travelers Today, February 4th 2014:
Iceland: Renewable Energy Resource May Change the Way We Consume Electricity

Blue & Green, February 3rd 2014:
Iceland’s Next Renewable Frontier: Geothermal Energy from Magma

Nextgov, January 31st 2014:
Why Volcanoes are the Energy Source of the Future

The Sacramento Bee, February 5th 2014:
Icelandic Verne Global Supports Continued Growth With UK Hire

New Statesman, January 30th 2014:
Icelandic Scientists Tap Into Molten Magma for Record Geothermal Energy Production

Hydrogen Fuel News, January 30th 2014:
Geothermal Energy Receives More Attention in Iceland

Ars Technica, January 29th 2014:
Drilling Surprise Opens Door to Magma-Powered Electricity

Hydrogen Fuel News, January 29th 2014:
Djibouti Sets Sights on Icelandic Geothermal Energy Know-How

The Conversation, January 29th 2014:
Drilling Surprise Opens Door to Volcano-Powered Electricity

Gizmodo Australia, January 28th 2014:
Molten Magma Could Power Electric Plants Of The Future

io9, January 27th 2014:
The World’s First Magma-Powered Geothermal Plant

Hydrogen Fuel News, January 27th 2014:
Geothermal Energy Breakthrough Made in Iceland

The Economic Times of India, January 26th 2014:
Icelandic Geothermal Know-How in Djibouti

Washington Post, January 25th 2014:
Iceland Leads in Renewable Power

Inhabitat, January 24th 2014:
World’s First Magma-Enhanced Geothermal System Created in Iceland

Manila Standard Today, January 24th 2014:
Cheap Geothermal Electricity Offered to Biliran by Icelandic Orka Energy

Science Codex, January 23rd 2014:
World’s First Magma-Enhanced Geothermal System Created in Iceland

Power Engineering, January 21st 2014:
Forbes Custom: Showcasing Iceland’s Green Data Centers

The Economist, January 20th 2014:
Icelandic Electricity: Power Under the Sea

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