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Are you applying for Startup Energy Reykjavík?

Startup Energy Reykjavik is a business accelerator program, aimed at accelerating the business of seven energy related startups through a ten week program. Now you can apply for the upcoming program, which begins in next January (2015). For example, startups in software, machinery, agriculture, maintenance, chemistry, transportation, professional service, power plants and more are all eligible for the program. Application deadline is November 11th 2014.

startup-energy-reykjavik-logoSelected companies or ideas get USD 40,000 in seed funding. Startup Energy Reykjavik founders also get great place to work at Reykjavik University, ten weeks of intensive top-notch mentorship, and the chance to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists at the end of the program. There is immeasurable value in the mentorship-driven connections and advice that you’ll receive when you start your company with Startup Energy Reykjavik. The opportunity to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists at the end of the program is provided during our Investor and Demo Day.

The upcoming program of Startup Energy Reykjavík starts on next January 14th (2015) and ends with the Investor Day on March 26th. For more information, note the homepage of the program. And Startup Energy Reykjavík is also on Facebook.

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