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Wider energy horizon

polarsyssel-helicopter-fafnir-offshoreThe Icelandic Energy Portal has been undergoing development and thus not been publishing new material for a while.

From now on, the Portal will have a wider horizon, covering energy issues in the Northern Atlantic and Arctic Regions. We will be your leading independent provider of energy information and expertise in the region, delivering news, independent analysis and critical knowledge on energy industry trends, energy markets, geopolitics, law, and strategy.

Examples of some of our upcoming subjects:

  • Toxic Loans of Icelandic Banks in the Norwegian Energy Sector.
  • Increased Danish Exports of Wind Energy.
  • Newfoundland Offshore Oil Licences Extended.
  • Unique Opportunity for Statkraft.
  • Electricity Tariffs to Aluminum Smelters in Iceland Declined in 2015.
  • Current Low Oil Prices are Not Sustainable.


HVDC-Electricity-Cables-Connecting-Europe-and-North-America-via-Iceland-and-Greenland_Askja-Energy-Partners-2016The Icelandic and Northern Energy Portal is owned and developed by the Iceland-based energy consulting firm Askja Energy Partners. We deliver independent analysis, critical knowledge and data on energy industry trends, energy markets, geopolitics, law, and strategy. You can contact us through this link.

The Icelandic and Northern Energy Portal

The Icelandic Energy Portal is undergoing development and is currently not publishing new material on regular basis. We will soon introduce our new editorial policy, with increased focus on energy issues within the Northern Atlantic and Arctic region, in a global perspective.

Iceland-North-Arctic_2016-01-17 at 1.13.43 PMBecause of this ongoing work, we have been offline for some time. However, due to numerous inquiries and requests from our readers, we now have re-opened for access to the Portal. So, everyone can browse through the material we had already published.

The picture shows us the daylight and darkness at the Northern hemisphere, shortly after noon on January 17th. In the far North, Svalbard is still in total darkness. But here in Reykjavík we are enjoying longer daylight day by day.  We at the Icelandic and Northern Energy Portal wish our readers a happy and prosperous New Year 2016!

The number ONE source for Icelandic energy information

In 2014 the Independent Icelandic Energy Portal became the world’s most read digital information source on Icelandic energy issues. After starting from ground zero in 2012, the Portal now has more annual visits than any other website presenting information about energy in Iceland and possibilities for investing in energy related projects in Iceland.

Askja-Icelandic-Energy-Portal-Visits-2014-MapThrough 2014, the Portal had readers from a total of 148 countries.  Most visitors came from the United States.  United Kingdom and  Germany were not far behind, followed by visitors from Canada and the Scandinavian countries.

The readers of the Icelandic Energy Portal seem to be very interested in subjects related to investment. The most read categories in 2014 were the investing category and the electricity market category. This is no surprise, as Iceland is probably one of the world’s best locations for investing in for example data centers and silicon production. We are looking forward to continue bringing our readers more information about Icelandic energy issues in 2015 – always emphasizing  independence, real data and reliability. Stay tuned.

Partnership with the University of Iceland

The Icelandic Energy Portal is an information source about Icelandic energy issues. The Portal was launched in June 2012. Our ambition is to cover all issues relating to the Icelandic energy sector and become the most comprehensive and user-friendly information source and database on the subject.

University-of-Iceland-research-students Recently, we signed a formal agreement on cooperation with the University of Iceland. This, for example, means that we will be presenting research and studies by professors, teachers and students of the university.

The University of Iceland is a progressive educational and scientific institution, renowned in the global scientific community for its research. It is a state university, situated in the heart of Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. A modern, diversified and rapidly developing institution, the University of Iceland offers opportunities for study and research in almost 300 programmes spanning most fields of science and scholarship.

University-of-Iceland-studentsThe University of Iceland employs a large number of highly-educated and qualified academics. The vast majority of the permanent academic staff holds doctorate degrees and has studied and participated in research at respected foreign universities. Consequently academics at the University of Iceland are part of a strong and far-reaching global network, and many of them are leaders in their respective fields within the international scientific community.

The University of Iceland collaborates with hundreds of international universities and research institutes in student exchanges, research, faculty exchanges and more. All of the University’s students have the option of taking part of their degree at universities overseas. Hundreds of international students are enrolled at the University of Iceland, and their number is growing. The University employs numerous international guest professors and scientists and brings in lecturers from abroad almost on a daily basis. Hence the University is made up of a vibrant and multi-dimensional community of people.

University-of-Iceland-research-students-2Today, the University of Iceland is in the midst of a vigorous period of growth, currently ranked as one of the top 300 universities in the world. Research, scientific work and teaching at all levels are thriving, while remarkable achievements are attained on a regular basis with regards to improved facilities at the school. Recent and current undertakings serve to vastly enhance scientific activities and instruction at the University of Iceland and to improve facilities and opportunities for its students. Much more information about the university can be found on its comprehensive website.


Welcome to Askja Energy, the Icelandic Energy Portal.

This new website provides information on the Icelandic energy sector. The aim is to offer our readers a clear and concise understanding of Icelandic energy issues. We will be covering all topics relating to Icelandic energy, presented in plain language with relevant maps, photos, charts and other visual explanations.

Whether you are a business director, university professor, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, student, or simply have an interest in issues related to energy, we hope you will find the site both informative and enjoyable.

When browsing the site you can choose the relevant subjects from the main menu at top and/or search for specific topics. Under each category of the main menu, you have several sub-categories. For a more detailed index please go to our sitemap.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. You can contact us directly by sending message through our contact-form.

New Opportunities

Askja Energy – the Icelandic and Northern Energy Portal  is an independent information source on energy issues in the countries of the Northern Atlantic and Arctic region. Our experts cover all topics relating to the energy sector, presented and explained in plain language with topical data, maps, photos, charts and other visual explanation.

Our aim is to be the perfect source for concise understanding of energy issues in the Northern Atlantic and Arctic region. We especially focus on the potentials in utilizing renewable energy sources. This includes issues like upcoming power projects, energy infrastructure, financial- and engineering services, legal- and regulatory environment etc. We offer our readers a clear and concise understanding of energy issues from:

  • Canada and Alaska
  • Greenland and Arctic-Russia
  • Iceland
  • Scandinavia
  • United Kingdom

We are located in Reykjavík, Iceland. You can contact us through our contact-form.

Energy Expertise

Askja Energy Partners is an Iceland-based energy consulting firm. We deliver independent analysis, critical knowledge and data on energy industry trends, energy markets, geopolitics, law, and strategy. Askja Energy’s expertise covers all the renewable energy sectors, with special emphasis on hydropower, geothermal energy, and electricity transmission in the Northern Atlantic region.

Askja Energy is frequently quoted by the international media as an important source on energy issues, as for example in the New York Times and CNN. In addition to Iceland, our regional focus is all the Northern Atlantic region, including Eastern Canada, Greenland, the Nordic Countries, and the United Kingdom.

Besides offering consulting services, Askja Energy Partners is the producer and developer of the Icelandic and Northern Energy Portal; a special information and data website covering all topics relating to energy issues in Iceland and other countries in the Northern Atlantic region. We offer our readers clear and concise understanding of energy issues in the region, presented in plain language with relevant maps, photos, charts and other visual explanation. Askja Energy Partners also provide consultancy on petroleum activities and strategy regarding the continental shelfs of Iceland and Greenland.

Ketill-Sigurjonsson-Askja-Energy-TV-2013Askja Energy Partners takes active part in discussions and development of Icelandic and Northern energy policies. Mr. Ketill Sigurjónsson, founder of Askja Energy Partners, is an accomplished analyst, strategist and advocate, with deep knowledge and experience in the fields of energy development and finances. He is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and roundtables, and a media commentator on issues of energy, development, law and economics.

Mr. Sigurjónsson earned his MBA from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in 2008. He also holds degrees in law and business, having studied at the London School of Economics (LSE) and the University of Iceland. In his spare time Mr. Sigurjónsson is a voracious mountain hiker.

HVDC Subsea Cables

Subsea power cables are steadily becoming longer and being laid at more depths. Such a cable between Iceland and Europe will probably be close to 1,200 km in length and the greatest depth at the cable-route will be close to 1,000 m. In the Mediterranean subsea power cables have been laid at more than 1,600 m depth. Presently, the longest cable of this kind is close to 600 km and we will soon see cables extending 700-800 km, such as between Norway and Britain.

Iceland-Europe-HVDC-Interconnector-Landsvirkjun-Map_Askja-Energy-PartnersThe first High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) interconnector between Iceland and Europe might become a reality within a decade. Strong and important drivers, like access to more renewable power and increased energy security, are likely to speed up the process of such a project.

When looking further ahead, Europe and Northern America may become connected with power cables via Greenland and Iceland. Within a relatively short timeframe, cables between Europe and Iceland, Iceland and Greenland, and Greenland and Canada, may all becoming technically possible options for connecting power markets. This development will open access to new and important sources of renewable energy, especially highly flexible and controllable hydropower. Here at the Global Icelandic Energy Portal we present excellent information about the technology and economics of such cables under the category of subsea interconnectors.

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