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Icelandic Energy News 2015

BostInno, December 30th 2015:
Iceland as Price for Driven Energy Challenge

IB Times, December 24th 2015:
Iceland’s volcanoes Have Enough Energy to Power the UK

Sky News, December 24th 2015:
Data Game: Tech Giants Should Go To Iceland

Globe News Wire, December 23rd 2015:
Landsvirkjun signs a new USD 200m Revolving Credit Facility

Discovery News, December 22nd 2015:
Iceland Volcanoes Could Help Power the UK

December 22, 2015, 7:05 AM
CBS News, December 22nd 2015:
“Green” Iceland Gets Greener

Oil Price, December 17th 2015:
Geothermal Energy Could Grow Six Fold

GT Review, December 16th 2015:
Icelandic Geothermal Power Wins ECA Support

Huffington Post, December 12th 2015:
How Islands Are Upping the Clean Energy Ante

See News Renewables, December 14th 2015:
Iceland’s Landsvirkjun Gets Loan for 90 MW of Geothermal Turbines

Globe News Wire, December 11th 2015:
Landsvirkjun Secures ECA Financing from Japan for Theistareykir Geothermal Power Plant

Huffington Post, December 11th 2015:
What Would A Futuristic Low-Carbon Tech World Actually Look Like?

Huffington Post, December 10th 2015:
The ‘Little’ Icelandic Example: Pursuing a Clean-Energy Agenda

Computer World UK, December 9th 2015:
Does Iceland’s Renewable Energy Make it the Ideal Data Centre Destination for UK Businesses?

Renewable Energy Magazine, December 9th 2015:
Global Geothermal Alliance launched at COP 21

Newswire Today, December 7th 2015:
ENGIE and Reykjavik Geothermal Cooperate in the Field of Geothermal Energy in Mexico

Clean Technica, December 2nd 2015:
Silicor Materials Commits to Carbon Neutrality At Iceland Solar Silicon Plant

Business Wire, December 2nd 2015:
Silicor Materials Commits to Carbon Neutrality At Iceland Solar Silicon Plant

Power Online, December 2nd 2015:
Silicor Materials Commits to Carbon Neutrality At Iceland Solar Silicon Plant

Alternative Energy Mag, December 2nd 2015:
Silicor Materials Commits to Carbon Neutrality At Iceland Solar Silicon Plant

Korea Observer, December 2nd 2015:
Iceland’s Renewable Energy Use Highest in OECD: Report

Iceland Review, December 1st 2015:
PM at COP21: “Climate Change Visible in Iceland”

Huffington Post,December 1st 2015:
Climate Change Through an Arctic Lens

Iceland Monitor, November 30th 2015:
Iceland at Paris Climate Conference

Iceland Monitor, November 25th 2015:
Iceland announces Climate Change Plan

Globe News Wire, Nov 23rd 2015:
Stable and Good Operating Results at Reykjavik Energy

The Guardian, November 22nd 2015:
Wind from Britain, Solar from the Sahara, Geothermal from Iceland

News Fulton County, November 22nd 2015:
Iceland Ready to Help Turkey for Geothermal: Minister

Iceland Review, November 12th 2015:
Profitability of Selling Power to UK Unclear

Cornell University News, November 11th 2015:
Faculty, Students, Staff Study Iceland’s Geothermal Energy

The Guardian, November 6th 2015:
Björk Calls for Action to Prevent Destruction of Iceland’s Highlands

Eco Business, November 6th 2015:
‘Dragon Water’ Could Power the Planet

Thanhnien News, November 6th 2015:
Iceland offers Vietnam Support in Renewable Energy

Oil Price, November 4th 2015:
UK Looking at Subsea Cable to Tap Icelandic Geothermal Power

Global Construction Review, November 2nd 2015:
Iceland’s Volcanoes Could Power UK homes

HVN Plus, October 30th 2015:
Multi-Billion Pound Plan Aims to Power UK Homes with Volcanoes

Oil Voice, October 30th 2015:
IceLink Under Study

Reykjavik Grapevine, October 30th 2015:
UK Might Finance Sea Cable Between Iceland And Britain

Iceland Review, October 30th 2015:
PM on Power to UK: Jobs and Prices Essential

Iceland Review, October 30th 2015:
Power from Iceland to Britain?

Energy Voice, October 29th 2015:
Icelandic volcanoes Could Provide Power to British Homes

RT, October 29th 2015:
Icelandic Volcanoes could Power British Homes

Independent, October 29th 2015:
David Cameron to Announce Plan to Power UK by Harnessing Iceland’s Volcanoes

ITV, October 29th 2015:
Multi-Billion Pound Plan to Power UK Homes with Icelandic Volcanoes Within 10 Years

The  Times, October 29th 2015:
Iceland’s volcanic energy may power British homes

Politics Home, October 29th 2015:
UK and Iceland Consider Setting up Undersea Electricity Pipeline

Yahoo, October 29th 2015:
Iceland Volcanoes May Provide Electricity for Britain, David Cameron to Announce

Sky News, October 29th 2015:
Iceland’s Volcanoes Could Power British Homes

Oil Price, October 15th 2015:
Why Aluminum Should Be On The Agenda In Paris Climate Talks

Student Pulse, October 15th, 2015:
Iceland’s Clean Energy Economy: A Roadmap to Sustainability and Good Business

Eco Watch, October 1st, 2015:
Iceland: World’s Largest Clean Energy Producer Per Capita

Huffington Post, September 30th, 2015:
Exploring Iceland’s Clean Energy Economy

Alaska Public Media, September 30th, 2015:
Arctic Energy Summit Focuses on Both Fossil Fuels and Renewables

KTOO Public Media, September 30th 2015:
Arctic Energy Summit Focuses on Both Fossil Fuels and Renewables

Arctic Energy Summit focuses on both fossil fuels and renewables


Clean Technica, September 24th 2015:
Energy Storage and Icelandic Volcanoes

Nature World News, September 24th 2015:
Wind Turbines: Novel, Clean Energy Device Developed By Icelandic Brothers

Fierce Energy, September 22nd 2015:
The Power of Hydro: Building Silicon Plants Where Electricity is Cheap

Queen’s University Journal, September 18th 2015:
Going Green in Iceland

Search Data Center, September 18th 2015:
Iceland’s Blueprints for a Data Center Industry

Renewable Energy Magizine, September 18th 2015:
Silicor Materials Closes $105 Million in Equity Capital Commitments

PV Tech, September 17th 2015:
Iceland’s PM Welcomes ‘Low Cost’ Solar Silicon Plant as New Funds Bring it Closer

Business Wire, September 16th 2015:
Silicor Materials Closes Equity Capital Commitments for Iceland Plant

PV Magazine, September 16th 2015:
Silicor Raises US$105 Million to Support UMG Polysilicon in Iceland

Search Data Center, September 15th 2015:
Get to Know Data Centers in Iceland

Renewables SeeNews, September 9th 2015:
Iceland Drilling Awarded Geothermal Wells Drilling Contract in Nicaragua

Independent, September 9th 2015:
Energy-Rich Iceland Eyes the High Tech Data Centre Market

Granite Geek, September 7th 2015:
Electric Cars Shipped to Iceland via Maine

Malay Mail Online, September 7th 2015:
With Abundant Energy, Iceland Woos Power-Hungry Data Centres

Business Day Live, September 4th 2015:
Data Bringing Iceland in From the Cold

Reuters, September 3rd 2015:
With Abundant Energy, Iceland Woos Power-Hungry Data Centres

The Globe and Mail, ‎September 3rd, 2015‎:
Iceland Using Cool Climate to Cash in With Power-Hungry Data Centres

International Business Times, September 3rd 2014:
Iceland Lures Data Center Companies With Cheap, Renewable Energy

Daily Mail, September 3rd 2015:
Iceland’s Energy Production and Data Capacities

The Fiscal Times, September 3rd 2014:
Iceland’s Energy Production and Data Capacities

Renewables SeeNews, August 28th 2015:
Iceland’s Landsvirkjun Says Net Profit Grew 85% in H1 2015

Globe News Wire, August 24th 2015:
Reykjavik Energy‘s ‘Plan’ Yields ISK 7 Billion Above Target

Iceland Review, August 24th 2015:
Geothermal Power Plants Running Out of Steam?

Pollution Solutions, August 23rd 2015:
Reykjavik, Iceland is the World’s Greenest City

Coinspeaker, August 22nd 2015:
Inside a Bitcoin Mining Farm in Iceland

Data Center Knowledge, August 21st 2015:
Cray Supercomputer to Power Weather Research in Iceland

Red Orbit, August 12th 2015:
Iceland Hits Geothermal Jackpot – Will Japan be Next?

Reykjavik Grapevine, August 10th 2015:
New US Ambassador in Iceland Interested in Renewable Energy

Iceland Review, August 5th 2015:
Reykjavik Geothermal and Iceland Drilling Sign Agreement in Ethiopia

Computer Weekly, August 4th 2015:
How Iceland Will Create a New Breed of CIO

OilPrice, August 3rd 2015:
Benefits Of Geothermal Power Outweigh The Risks

SeeNews Renewables, July 31st 2015:
France, Iceland to Cooperate in Geothermal Energy

Maritime Journal, July 29th 2015:
Icelandic HVDC Connection Moves Forward With Swedish Support

Star Africa, July 28th 2015:
Ethiopia, Icelandic Company Reach Power Purchase Agreement

CNTC /CCTV, July 23rd 2015:
Iceland Transforms its Energy; China Sees Opportunities

Globe News Wire, July 22nd 2015:
Good results at Reykjavik Energy for Q1 2015

2-Merkato, July 20th 2015:
Iceland to Support Geothermal Energy Development in Ethiopia

Brave New Coin, July 16th 2015:
Iceland is a Hub for Sustainable Bitcoin Mining

Business Wire, July 13th 2015:
A Milestone in Eco-Friendly Transportation

The China Post, July 9th 2015:
Taiwan Students to Research Geothermal Energy in Iceland

Gulf News, July 4th 2015:
President of Iceland Chair of the Zayed Future Energy Prize Jury

Moody’s, July 1st 2015:
Moody’s Upgrades Landsvirkjun’s Ratings – Stable Outlook

Computer Weekly, June 22nd 2015:
Icelandic IT Startups Beat the Odds

Solar Industry, June 23rd 2015:
Silicor Materials Forges Deals To Make Iceland A Link In The Solar Supply Chain

ECNS, June 25th 2015:
China Willing to Enhance Practical Cooperation With Iceland

Business Wire, June 24th 2015:
Conditions Precedent Lifted in Power Purchase Agreement Between Landsvirkjun and PCC BakkiSilicon

Bitcoinist, June 19th 2015:
Alternative Energy Sources for Bitcoin Mining

Rechargenews, June 19th 2015:
Silicor Taps Danish MT Højgaard to Design, Build Iceland Solar-Polysilicon Plant

Reykjavík Grapevine, June 16th 2015:
Iceland’s Cars Pollute More Than Aluminium Smelter

reNews, June 15th 2015:
MMT Sweden Surveys Iceland/UK HVDC Link

Intelligent Utility, June 11th 2015:
Utility2Utility: Reykjavik Energy

Virtual Press Office, June 9th 2015:
Level 3 to Implement Point-of-Presence in Iceland Data Centre

Iceland Review, June 7th 2015:
Expert Says Iceland a Good Location for Data Centers

Iceland Review, June 6th 2015:
Icelandic Heating Bills Vary by Region

CoinDesk, May 28th 2015:
BitVest Digital Mining Signs Long-Term Hosting Agreement in Iceland

Globe News Wire, May 28th 2015:
Good results at Reykjavik Energy for Q1 2015

IT Business Net, May 28th 2015:
BitVest Digital Mining Signs Hosting Agreement With Icelandic Verne Global Data Center

Iceland Review, May 24th 2015:
Icelandic Energy Boss Warns: Dam or Run Out of Electric

The Guardian, May 20th 2015:
Iceland and Clean Energy Beacons Around the World

The Diplomat. May 20th 2015:
Iceland is Playing a Growing Role in China’s Arctic Strategy

Capital Public Radio, May 20th 2015:
What California Can Learn From Iceland About Climate Change

The Age, May 18th 2015:
Iceland and Geothermal energy – An Earthly Power to be Reckoned With

Biotech Wired, May 17th 2015:
Geothermal Energy an Earthly Power to be Reckoned With

Reykjavik Grapevine, May 17th 2015:
Nordic Council Nominates Icelandic Companies For Environmental Prize

Sys-Con Media, May 15th 2015:
When Will Google Move to Iceland?

Popular Science, May 13th 2015:
Iceland is Positive for the Energy Sucking Internet

Globe News Wire, May 5th 2015:
Moody‘s Changes Landsvirkjun´s Outlook from Stable to Positive

Moody’s Investor Service, May 4th 2015:
Moody’s Revises Landsvirkjun Outlook to Positive

Globe News Wire, May 4th 2015:
Reykjavik Energy‘s Rating Improves by Two Notches

Techworld, April 27th 2015:
BMW i3 Electric Vehicle and Verne Global’s Icelandic Data Centre

Manila Times, April 26th 2015:
Iceland Drilling Corporation to
 Drill $185-M Mindoro Plant

Huffington Post, April 24th 2015:
Hawaii Wants To Run Completely On Renewable Energy Like Iceland

Business Wire, April 23rd 2015:
Iceland’s Mila Interconnecting Reykjavik Data Centers

Houston Chronicle, April 21st 2015:
Land’s Icy Winds Could Help Power Europe

Fuel Fix, April 21st 2015:
Arctic Energy Should Include Renewables, Foreign Leader Says 

Shanghai Daily, April 19th 2015:
AIIB membership Means Opportunity for Icelandic Energy Projects

Iceland Review, April 16th 2015:
Geothermal Power Plant Underway in North Iceland

PR Newswire, April 15th 2015:
Icelandic CRI Offer Power-To-Methanol Solutions

Global Post, April 14th 2015:
Renewable Transport Fuels Increase Dramatically in Iceland

ReNews, April 14th 2015:
Iceland Builds New 45 MW Geothermal Plant

Business Wire, April 13th 2015:
Þeistareykir Geothermal Power Station Reaches the Construction Phase

FnB News, Aril 9th 2015:
Geothermal Energy Provides Opportunity for Sustainable Food: FAO Report

IceNews, April 8th 2015:
Iceland Advises Japan on Global Energy

Reykjavik Grapevine, April 7th 2015:
Every Swimming Pool In The Greater Reykjavík Area, Rated

The Japan News, April 7th 2015:
Water and Fire: How Iceland Taps Geothermal Energy

Japan Times, April 3rd 2015:
Iceland a Leader in Geothermal Energy

Tech World, April 2nd 2015:
Icelandic Government Hopes to Entice Internet Giants to its Shores With Chilly Climate and Geothermal Power

MarketWatch, April 1st 2015:
President of Iceland Speaker at IHS Energy CERAWeek 2015

Yahoo Finance, March 26th 2015:
Fuji Electric Wins Geothermal Power Equipment Contracts in Indonesia and Iceland

PV Tech, March 25th 2015:
Silicor Signs Equipment Supplier for ‘Lowest-Cost’ Iceland Poly Fab

Inside HPC, March 24th 2015:
Iceland is Good Choice for Data Centers

CNET, March 24th 2015:
Costa Rica in the Footsteps of Iceland

Globe News Wire, March 23rd 2015:
Good and Stable Results for Reykjavik Energy in 2014

Quartz, March 23rd 2915:
Costa Rica in the Footsteps of Iceland

ComputerWorld, March 20th 2015:
Data Centers in Iceland? Yes, Really!

Computerworld, March 19th 2015:
Need a Data Center Location? Iceland Wants You

Iceland Review, March 18th 2015:
EAB New Energy Interested in Wind Farm in Iceland

Reykjavik Grapevine, March 18th 2015:
Wind Power Proving Good Choice For Iceland

BBC, March 17th 2015:
Will Iceland Become Part of Renewable Energy Trade Hub?

Eventbrite, March 12th 2015:
Boston and Reykjavik Discuss Innovations in Energy and Mobility Affecting the Future of the Cities

PennWell Offshore, March 10th 2015:
Iceland to Fund Hydrocarbon Studies

Telecompaper, March 10th 2015:
Epsilon, Farice Supply Connectivity to Icelandic Data Centre

The Scotsman, March 10th 2015:
Icelandic Style Geothermal Energy Plan to Heat Scots Homes?

Globe News Wire, March 9th 2015:
Reykjavik Energy and Dexia Credit Local Agree on Amended Repayment Schedule

Nassau News LIve, February 26th 2015:
Alterra Power Announces HS Orka’s 2014 Annual Financial Results

Reykjavik Grapevine, February 24th 2015:
Why Faroe Petroleum Stopped Looking in Drekasvæðið

Mother Nature Network, February 22nd 2015:
Now is the Time to Invest in Real Geothermal Energy

Transport Evolved, February 20th 2015:
First Mixed Brand Electric Car Store Opens in Iceland

PennEnergy, February 17th 2015:
GE to Modernize Iceland’s Power Grid for Reykjavik Energy

Reykjavík Grapevine, February 14th, 2015:
Why They Think There Is Something Worth Finding In Drekasvæðið

Reykjavík Grapevine, February 11th 2015:
Here Be Dragons – oil Exploration To the North of Iceland

Globe News Wire, February 11th 2015:
Fitch Publishes Reykjavik Energy‘s BB- Rating With Stable Outlook

Forbes, February 3rd 2015:
BT Adds Icelandic Point of Presence (POP)

The Californian Aggie, February 3rd 2015:
Could Icelandic Geothermal be a Model for the United States?

Iceland Review, January 31st 2015:
Three Iceland Power Plant Options Off the Table

Nora Region Trends, January 30th 2015:
Faroe Petroleum Leaves Iceland

IceNews, January 30th 2015:
Iceland Underlines its Efforts for Promoting Geothermal Energy With IGC 2016 Sponsor Agreement

Clean Technica, January 25th 2015:
President of Iceland Speaks With CleanTechnica about Energy

Reykjavik Grapevine, January 23rd 2015:
Here’s What You Need to Know About Dropping Oil Prices and Drekasvæðið

Iceland Review, January 21st 2015:
Dams in Jökulsá Among New Energy Options

Emirates 24/7, January 19th 2015:
President of Iceland at World Future Energy Summit

CCTV America, November 16th 2015:
Icelandic Scientists Turn CO2 in Solid Rock in Potential Fix to Climate Change

IceNews, January 14th 2015:
Iceland Geothermal Conference 2016 to Focus on Benefits of Geothermal Energy

Data Center Knowledge, January 12th 2015:
Verne Raises $98M to Expand Iceland Data Center Campus

The Reykjavik Grapevine, January 11th 2015:
Oil Exploration in Iceland Continues Despite Drastic Price Drop

CNBC, January 5th 2015:
Are Volcanoes the Energy Source of the Future?

The Hans India, January 2nd 2015:
Iceland: Safe Haven of Information

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