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Icelandic Energy News 2013, December 30th 2013:
Iceland – ‘Hot’ Destination for Bitcoin Mining

IceNews, December 27th 2013:
Iceland Motorists Could Soon Use Volcano Power

New York Times, December 23rd 2013:
The Bitcoin Mines of Iceland

TeckSpot, December 23rd 2013:
Inside the Walls of a Professional Bitcoin Mining Facility in Iceland

New York Times, December 21st 2013:
Into Iceland’s Digital Bitcoin Mines

CBC Radio Canada News, December 11th 2013:
Heated Sidewalks: Iceland Has Them, Saskatoon Wants Them

Tech Dirt, December 4th 2013:
Icelandic Fuels From Thin Air

World Fishing & Aquaculture, December 4th 2013:
Icelandic Companies Introduce “Green Marine Technology”

Globe Newswire, December 4th 2013:
Unbundling of Reykjavik Energy Does not Affect Credit Rating

Fish Info & Services, December 4th 2013:
Joint Effort to Promote Green Marine Technology

Smithsonian Magazine, December 2nd 2013:
Is the Future of the Internet in Iceland?

Business Recorder, November 24th 2013:
Norway to Join Chinese Firm in Iceland Oil Exploration

Reuters, November 22nd 2013:
Norway to Join Chinese Firm in Iceland Oil Exploration

Bloomberg, November 22nd 2013:
Norway, China to Participate in Iceland Dreki Oil Exploration

Seeking Alpha, November 22nd 2013:
Norway to Join China’s Cnooc in Iceland Oil Exploration

The Baltic Course, November 20th 2013:
EU Sees Iceland and Norway as Imortant Sources for Renewable Energy

Iceland Review, November 16th 2013:
Joint Oil Search in Icelandic Waters to Reconcile Norway and China?

Globe Newswire, November 15th 2013:
Good Operational Results at Reykjavik Energy

Daily Wild Cat, November 14th 2013:
“Switch” Explains Energy Resources – Focus on Iceland

Reuters, November 13th 2013:
China, Norway May Team Up in Search for Arctic Oil on Iceland’s Continental Shelf

Globe Newswire, November 13th 2013:
Preparations for Unbundling of Reykjavik Energy’s Operations

The Sacramento Bee, November 12th 2013:
Verne Global’s Lisa Rhodes Honored With Gold Stevie® for Women in Business Award

The Daily Reveille, November 11th 2013:
GREEN Program Offers Sustainability Experience Abroad

Petroleum Economist, November 11th 2013:
Iceland Eyes Renewable Future

WDAM, November 8th 2013:
Iceland Teaches Other Countries How to Cultivate Alternative Energy

Scandinavia – a Way to Go, November 5th 2013:
What do You Know About the IceLink Project?

Smart Planet, November 4th 2013:
Could Iceland finally transmit clean electricity to Europe?

AG Professional, November 4th 2013:
Another Look at Iceland Investment Opportunity

Jamaica Observer, November 3rd 2013:
Icelandic Geothermal Expertise in St Vincent 

Icelandic Geothermal, November 1st 2013:
Icelandic Energy and Engineering Specialists in Major Project in Turkey

Bloomberg, November 1st 2013:
Iceland-U.K. Subsea Power Cable Sees ‘Strong’ Investor Interest

Popular Mechanics, November 1st 2013:
Tour One of Iceland’s Incredible Geothermal Plants

Data Center Knowledge, October 31st 2013:
Icelandic GreenQloud Enters U.S. Market With Digital Fortress

Manitoba Cooperator, October 30th 2013:
Iceland Shows That Feeding the World Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated and Expensive

Hydrogen Fuel News, October 30th 2013:
Can Iceland Become A Geothermal Powerhouse?

Bloomberg, October 29th 2013:
Iceland Pushes to Become Arctic Hub After Scrapping EU Accession

The Globe and Mail, October 29th 2013:
Canadian Geothermal Firm Finds Hot Opportunities Abroad

Hispanic Business, October 29th 2013:
GreenQloud Selects Digital Fortress™ As Next Green Data Center Provider

Arctic Startup, October 29th 2013:
Icelandic GreenQloud partners with Digital Fortress for Clean U.S. Data Hosting

Oilprice, October 28th 2013:
UK to Finance Subsea Energy Cable to Connect Grid with Iceland

The Guardian, October 28th 2013:
Iceland Seeks UK Funding for Subsea Cable Project

Bloomberg, Business Week, October 28th 2013:
Iceland Pushes to Become Arctic Hub After Scrapping EU Accession

Xinhuanet, October 28th 2013:
China Willing to Expand Cooperation With Iceland on Energy

Guardian, October 27th 2013:
Iceland Seeks UK Funding for Subsea Cable Project

Global Post, October 23rd 2013:
Ethiopia Signs $4 Billion Geothermal Deal With Icelandic Company

National Geographic, October 22nd 2013:
Reykjavik, Iceland—Here’s Why We Came

Fierce Enterprise Communications, October 21st 2013:
Chill Out! Reports From Inside Iceland’s Newest Data Center

Data Center Knowledge, October 20th 2013:
Special Report: Iceland and the Data Center Industry

AccuWeather, October 19th 2013:
Climate Debate: Five Countries Making Green Changes

Network Computing, October 18th 2013:
Inside Iceland’s Newest Data Center

Des Moines Register, October 16th 2013:
Iceland’s President Advocates Clean Energy in Inaugural Harkin Institute Address

EU Cordis News, October 14th 2013:
The Promise of Greater Energy Efficiency on Europe’s Islands

Iceland Review, October 14th 2013::
NYT: Iceland “Hopes to Capitalize on Arctic Boom”

Renewable Energy Magazine, October 13th 2013:
UK Must Embrace Potential of Geothermal Energy Says Institute of Mechanical Engineers

Renewable Energy Magazine, October 10th 2013:
Ethiopian Government and Reykjavik Geothermal Announce Ground-Breaking Geothermal Agreement

RE News, October 9th 2013:
UK Urged to Warm to Geothermal

Globe Newswire, October 9th 2013:
Financing of Reykjavik Energy’s Headquarters Purchase Completed

DesMoinesRegister, October 8th 2013:
Harkin Institute Brings Iceland President to Drake for Clean Energy Lecture

Oilprice, October 5th 2013:
Iceland: Geothermal Pioneers Go Commercial

Environment 360, October 3rd 2013:
Iceland Seeks to Cash In On Its Abundant Renewable Energy

Worldcrunch, October 3rd 2013:
How Renewable Energy Has Fueled Iceland’s Miraculous Comeback

BBC, October 2nd 2013:
Iceland Hot on Renewable Energy Use

New York Times, October 1st 2013:
Iceland Aims to Seize Opportunities in Oil Exploration

Daily Fusion, October 1st 2013:
Iceland Provides Expertise for Development of Geothermal Energy in Africa

PluginCars, September 30th 2013:
The Tesla Model S in Iceland

Power Engineering International, September 30 th2013:
Icelandic company to invest $4bn in Ethiopian energy

CIO, September 27th 2013:
Why RMS Built Its Cloud Environment in Iceland

Tech Week Europe, September 26th 2013:
Iceland’s Data Centre Saga: Ready For Live Customer Data?

Tech Week Europe, September 26th 2013:
Icelandic Data Centre Shows Off Its Security

PluginCars, September 24th 2013:
Coal’s Long Goodbye Translates to Cleaner Electric Cars – Iceland has the Greenest Grid

Data Center Knowledge, September 19th 2013:
Free Cooling in Iceland: A Closer Look at the Verne Global Data Cente

TCE Today, September 18th 2013:
Iceland to Help Ethiopian Geothermal Industry – Ethiopia could have 5,000 MW geothermal potential

AllAfrica, September 16th 2013:
Ethiopia and Iceland Sign Cooperation Agreement for Geothermal Energy Development

Laboratory Equipment, September 16th 2013:
Simulation Shows Geothermal Energy Potential

AllAfrica, September 15th 2013:
Ethiopia,Iceland Agrees to Cooperate in Geothermal Development

News of Iceland, September 12th 2013:
Internet Speed in Iceland About to Greatly Improve

AllAfrica, September 12th 2013:
Iceland Starts Geothermal Cooperation With Ethiopia

Techworld, September 11th 2013:
Iceland-Scotland Data Cable Gets Upgrade From Farice

Iceland Review, September 11th 2013:
Iceland Starts Geothermal Cooperation with Ethiopia

MarineLink, September 10th 2013:
Unique System Delivers Performance Monitoring to ADNATCO-NGSCO

Light Reading, September 10th 2013:
Ciena Plants GeoMesh Flag in Iceland

Renewable Energy Magazine, September 7th 2013:
Iceland Could Provide Renewable Energy to the UK

Responding to Climate Change, September 6th 2013:
Nordic countries Join Obama in Shunning Dirty Energy

Afrique Jet, September 5th 2013:
Iceland an Geothermal Energy in Africa’s Rift Valley

Iceland Review, September 5th 2013:
Obama and Icelandic PM Discuss Geothermal Energy

Utility Week, September 5th 2013:
Iceland Interconnector Could Undercut UK Offshore Wind

News of Iceland, September 1st 2013:
81% in Favour of the Development of Wind Power in Iceland

Iceland Review, August 30th 2013:
Icelanders Support Wind Turbines

Computing, August 29th 2013:
Why aren’t All Data Centres in the Arctic Circle?

Globe Newswire, August 29th 2013:
Costs at Reykjavik Energy Still Decreasing

News of Iceland, August 28th 2013:
Research of the Roots of Geothermal Energy

Scientific American Blogs, August 27th 2013:
Iceland Wants to Know: “Who Needs Coal When You Have FIRE?”

Wall Street Journal, August 23rd 2013:
Landsvirkjun’s Results for the First Six Months of the Year 2013

Digital Journal, August 20th 2013:
Verne Global Honored With Two Stevie® Awards

News of Iceland, August 20th 2013:
Increased Collaboration with the University of the Faroe Islands

News of Iceland, August 19th 2013:
Icelandic Online Cloud – QloudSync

Arctic Startup, August 14th 2013:
GreenQloud Launches Dropbox-Style Client Fueled By Green Energy

News of Iceland, August 10 th2013:
Iceland to Become the Best Place In the World for Data Centers

MarketWatch, August 3rd 2013:
Methanex and Carbon Recycling International Sign Landmark Investment Agreement for Advanced Renewable Fuel Production

News of Iceland, August 1st 2013:
Research Project On the Roots of Geothermal Systems

Iceland Review, July 30th 2013:
U.K. Minister’s Iceland Energy Deal Causes Controversy

Guardian, July 29th 2013:
Former Tory Minister Charles Hendry Takes Job With Party Donor

Iceland Review, July 29th 2013:
Gathering Steam

IceNews, July 22nd 2013:
Iceland to Get Second Opinion on Power Cable

Asia Times, July 17th 2013:
Exploring China’s Arctic Icebreaker

Iceland Review, July 16th 2013:
Iceland to Further Study Sea Cable Prospects

Bloomberg Business Week, July 14th 2013:
Iceland Seeks Second Power Cable Study to Tap European Markets

News of Iceland, July 14th 2013:
Icelandic Power Plants a Popular Tourist Attraction

Iceland Review, July 11th 2013:
Iceland State Oil Association to be Established Shortly

Iceland Review, July 8th 2013:
Fifty Thousand Guests to Visit Geothermal Plant

Money Morning, July 1st 2013:
China Gets Hungry for Arctic Oil

China Daily, June 25th 2013:
Oil Deals Strengthen China’s Energy Supplies

IPP Media, June 25th 2013:
Two Foreign Firms to Invest in Geothermal Power Generation

News of Iceland, June 23rd 2013:
Travel video of the day – Geothermal Iceland

China Daily, June 21st 2013:
China Steps Up Search for Gas

News of Iceland, June 21st 2013:
Roots of Geothermal Systems Researched in Iceland

PluginCars, June 20th 2013:
Iceland Ramps Up With EVs, Gets Europe’s First Model S

The Australian, June 20th 2013:
CNOOC Seeks Arctic Energy Partner

United Press International, June 19th 2013:
China Looks to Iceland for Oil Opportunity

Hydrogen Fuel News, June 18th 2013:
Complete Reliance on Renewable Energy is Possible

China Daily, June 18th 2013:
Sinopec Looks North for Oil

Web Host Industry Review, June 17th 2013:
Datapipe Delivers Green HPC Cloud from Verne Global Data Center in Iceland

Data Center Knowledge, June 17th 2013:
Datapipe Opens Green HPC Cloud Node in Iceland

China Daily, June 17th 2013:
Sinopec Holds Oil Exploration Talks with Iceland

Platts, June 17th 2013:
China’s Sinopec in Talks on Oil Exploration Offshore Iceland

Iceland Review, June 12th 2013:
Former OR CEO: Geothermal Debate Reeks Politics

News of Iceland, June 11th 2013:
Aluminium Producers in Iceland: Electricity Monopsonists

Energy Business Review, June 10th 2013:
CNOOC, Eykon Energy to Jointly Explore Oil and Gas in Arctic

24/7 Wall St., June 10th 2013:
Chinese Oil Company Finds Partner in Search for Oil in Iceland

IceNews, June 10th 2013:
Iceland Dubbed as Premier Location for Algae Biomass Production

Upstream, June 10th 2013:
CNOOC ‘in joint bid’ off Iceland

The Investor’s Portal, June 10 th2013:
CNOOC Teams up with Iceland’s Eykon Energy for Arctic Oil Exploration

Iceland Review, June 10th 2013:
Iceland Geothermal Power Plant Unsustainable

The Telegraph, June 10th 2013:
China’s CNOOC Teams Up With Icelandic Company to Explore for Oil in the Arctic

Inter Press Service News, June 10th 2013:
Iceland Renews Push for Aluminium Plant

Seeking Alpha, June 10th 2013:
Iceland’s Energy Authority Hopes to Decide by the Fall Whether to  Grant an Exploration License

Financial Times, June 9th 2013:
Cnooc Teams Up With Icelandic Group in its Play for Arctic Oil

Independent European Daily Express, June 9th 2013:
Iceland Renews Push for Aluminium Plant

Iceland Review, june 6th 2013:
Chinese Oil Company to Apply for Iceland Oil License

Wall Street Journal, June 5th 2013:
China’s CNOOC Eyes First Foray Into Offshore Arctic Oil Drilling

Platts, June 5th 2013:
China’s CNOOC Eyeing Iceland’s Offshore Dreki Area

IceNews, June 4th 2013:
Full Steam Ahead for Energy Plants in Iceland

Telecompaper, May 31st 2013:
Iceland Set to Become International Data Centre Hub

National Post, May 29th 2013:
Iceland Positioned to Become International Datacenter Hub

News of Iceland, May 16th 2013:
ReMake’s Energy Monitoring System Enters the UK Market

News of Iceland, May 16th 2013:
Electric Vehicle User Models Help Implementation

Datacenter Dynamics, May 15th 2013:
Iceland – Somthing to Sell – Part I

The Sacramento Bee, May 15th 2013:
Green Data Center News Recognized As Best Website by Network Products Guide

Wall Street Journal, May 8th 2013:
Opera Software Expands Operations at Advania’s Green Data Center in Iceland

Iceland Review, May 7th 2013:
Third Iceland Oil Exploration License in Progress

News of Iceland, April 27th 2013:
The Cheapest Energy in Iceland

Guardian, April 25th 2013:
Harnessing Volcanoes: Charles Hendry Talks Nuclear, Fracking and More

New Europe, April 18th 2013:
Icelandic Excellence in Web Energy Efficiency Calculators

Xinhua News Agency, April 16th 2013:
China Promises Continuous Support for Iceland

Bloomberg Business Week, April 15th 2013:
Iceland Is First in Europe to Sign Free Trade Pact With China

Wall Street Journal, April 15th 2013:
Iceland-China Ties Are Seen Expanding

Renewable Energy World, April 15th 2013:
Iceland First in Europe to Sign Free Trade Pact with China, Offers Geothermal Expertise

The Houston Chronicle, April 15 2013:
China and Iceland Sign Free Trade Agreement

IceNews, April 15th 2013:
EU and Iceland talks on Arctic Conservation

RTTC, April 12th 2013:
Commissioner Calls for Expansion of EU Energy Empire

AG Professional, April 11th 2013:
Iceland’s Geothermal Focus

The Montreal Gazette, April 10th 2013:
Iceland is Proud to Be Green

MarketWatch, April 5th 2013:
Icelandic ReMake Introduces eTactica(TM) Energy Intelligence

The Sacramento Bee, April 3rd 2013:
Verne Global Extends European Sales Presence into Germany

Money Expert, March 13th 2013:
European Businesses Flock to Iceland for Cheap Energy

Renewable Energy World, March 13th 2013:
What Do Iceland and Kenya Have in Common? Lots of Clean and Renewable Geothermal Energy

IceNews, March 13th 2013:
Iceland Geothermal Conference Spreads Green Energy Industry Message

Renewable Energy World, March 11th 2013:
In Iceland, Geothermal Energy is “Use It or Lose It”

Computer Weekly, March 6th 2013:
Cheap Energy and Green Credentials lure Business to Iceland Datacentres

Data Center Dynamics, March 5th 2013:
Iceland bets Future on Large Data Center Development

Renewable Energy World, March 4th 2013:
Geothermal Energy in Iceland: Too Much of a Good Thing?

WebWire, February 30th 2013:
Excitement Builds for Iceland Geothermal Conference 2013

Electric Light & Power, February 28th 2013:
A Clean Energy Economy – Lessons from Iceland

IceNews, February 25th 2013:
Iceland Geothermal Conference Gears Up for 2013 Geothermal Energy Event

New York Times, February 20th 2013:
Iceland Looks to Export Power Bubbling From Below

SmartPlanet, February 13th 2013:
Believe it Or Not: Icelandic Geothermal to Power European Cars

IceNews, February 12th 2013:
Field Trips as Part of 2013 Iceland Geothermal Energy Conference Programme

Think Geoenergy, January 30th 2013:
Alterra Power Updates on Geothermal Activities in Iceland and Chile

IceNews, January 14 th2013:
Geothermal Energy Business Exhibition to Take Place at Iceland Geothermal Conference 2013

The Scotsman, January 10th 2013:
Icelandic Volcanoes Could Help to Power UK via Subsea Scottish Cable

Deutsche Welle, January 7th 2013:
Icelandic Power Export Plans Still a Pipe Dream

Yahoo Finance News, January 4 th2013:
Iceland Launches Search for Black Gold

IceNews, January 1st 2013:
Japan Should Opt for Geothermal Energy


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