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Geothermal Leader

Unique geophysical conditions in Iceland offer numerous possibilities for low cost utilization of geothermal power.

Besides electricity generation, this for example includes direct central heating in Icelandic private homes, harnessing geothermal resources for spas and swimming pools, use of greenhouse farming and aquaculture, and even heating some of the streets in Reykjavik during winter to keep them from freezing over

Thus, it is not surprising that geothermal power utilization is a fast-growing industry in Iceland. Additionally, due to its cool climate, very competitive electricity prices and new cable connections, Iceland may become an especially interesting location for data centers.

The photo shows the Krafla Power Plant in Northeast Iceland that has a current capacity of 60 MW.  An expansion is expected to make it twice as large within a few years. For more information about the Icelandic geothermal sector please visit our geothermal pages.

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