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World’s largest electricity producer per capita

Iceland is the world’s largest electricity producer per capita. Norway comes in second place, by generating approximately half the electricity per capita of that of Iceland.

Other countries on the top-ten list of the world’s largest electricity producers per capita are Canada, Qatar, Kuwait, Finland, Sweden, United States of America (USA), United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain.

Most of the countries on the top-ten list of the world’s highest electricity producing countries per capita generate most or all their electricity from fossil fuels, especially gas and coal. However, both Iceland and Norway produce close to 100% of their electricity from renewable sources (both countries draw from hydroelectric power, but Iceland has a unique energy source in its geothermal power). Thus, Iceland and Norway are not only the largest producers of electricity (per capita) in the world, but also by far the world’s largest green electricity producers (per capita).

Canada, Finland and Sweden all have extensive hydropower sources and utilize them for electricity generation. Thus, they might be described as semi renewable electric producers (thus marked with light blue color on the graph, whereas Iceland and Norway are marked with dark blue). It is also noteworthy that Canada generates approximately

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