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Icelandic energy expertise in Georgia

The Icelandic energy industry has decades of experience in the hydropower and geothermal power sectors.

Most of the projects have of course been in Iceland. But in recent years Icelandic companies have increasingly been involved in hydropower and geothermal projects overseas. The most recent example of such a project is a consultancy agreement between the Icelandic firm Landsvirkjun Power and a Georgian hydropower company, which is developing new hydropower stations in Georgia.

This agreement involves two hydroelectric plants with a capacity of 20-25 MW. They will be constructed on the river Machakhelistskali in the Adjara region,in southwestern Georgia, near the Turkish border. Landsvirkjun Power was the successful bidder for consultancy services and the contract was signed earlier this summer. The map (at left) shows the location of the project and other projects that Landsvirkjun Power has worked on in Georgia in the last few years.

With Icelandic engineers, Landsvirkjun Power will conduct site investigations at the Machakhelistskali and prepare a feasibility study, followed by initial project design, preparation of tender documents for construction work and detail design of civil works and review of design of equipment. The work is to be completed by end of 2015.

Landsvirkjun Power is the engineering, construction and foreign investment arm of Landsvirkjun; the Icelandic National Power Company. The purpose of Landsvirkjun Power is primarily consultancy in development of power schemes, and secondly, investment in such schemes outside of Iceland. The firm has also carried out activities in the hydro- and geothermal power sector e.g. in Albania, Canada, Greenland, and Turkey.

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