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BMW and Icelandic energy in the media

Recently, there has been a lot of international media coverage about Icelandic energy issues.

This includes numerous news-stories about the decision of the flash German car maker BMW to move its high performance computing to a data centre in Iceland, powered by renewable energy. This will save around 3,600 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

According to the news, BMW  is moving ten of its high performance computing clusters, consuming 6.31 GWh of energy each year annually, from Germany over to the Verne Global Data Centre in Southwest Iceland. The data centre uses electricity from 100 percent renewable sources – Iceland’s geothermal and hydroelectric generators.

Besides the carbon free renewable energy, Icelandic electricity is much cheaper than in any other OECD-country. Thus, BMW will save around 80 percent of the power costs of running calculations including crash test and aerodynamics simulations, as well as computer aided design and engineering calculations.

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