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Opera Software chooses Iceland

Iceland is experiencing increased interest from companies overseas for hosting their data in Icelandic data centers.

Opera-Software-logoRecently, Advania signed an agreement with Opera Software for the expansion of its operations in Advania’s green data center in Iceland. Advania is a leading Nordic Information Technology (IT) company and owner of Thor Data Center in Iceland. This new agreement continues the ongoing buildup at the data center with a near doubling of Opera’s current capacity.

Advania-Green-Data-Centre-IcelandAdvania’s data center is arguably one of the world’s greenest data centers as all of the energy used at the site is generated from renewable sources and less energy is used for cooling due to the natural cool climate in Iceland. Opera Software uses the data center to facilitate web browsing for more than 230 million Opera Mini users around the world. Already more than half of Iceland’s Internet traffic runs through the Advania Thor Data Center, and this expansion is set to increase this traffic even further.

Opera Software was one of the first companies to seize the opportunity represented by Iceland’s affordable green energy and free cooling. This allows for an extremely efficient operation while still maintaining harmony with the environment since there are no carbon emissions from Iceland’s energy production. You can read more about how data centers in Iceland offer dramatic savings here.

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