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From colocation facilities to major internet giants

In the last few years, Iceland has been seeing new investments in the form of colocation facilities.

Iceland-green-renewable-askja-energyLong term contracts for fixed price low cost power, free cooling promoting a year-round power usage effectiveness, well-educated workforce, and several high-speed telecom subsea cables make Iceland a perfect location for data centers with a minimum of cost and complexity.

Verne Global opened its data centre in 2012 and has taken on BMW on as a major and expanding client. The Advania-owned highly effective Thor Data Centre hosts search engine Opera’s environment and the supercomputer used by the National High Performance Computing organizations of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland.

Gullfoss-eveningIceland is likely to attract increasingly more colocation facilities, offering equipment space and bandwidth for rental to retail customers. With plenty of renewable energy to spare, Iceland may soon also lure a major internet-giant to host its data in Iceland. Companies like Yahoo!, Facebook and Google have all been looking towards Iceland in this respect.

In next post we will be introducing an independent analysis of Iceland as a global data centre hub. This new study was undertaken by BroadGroup, which made a comparison using a wide variety of criteria with today’s leading data centre locations from around the world. The results were strongly in Iceland’s favor.

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