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Energy Expertise

Askja Energy Partners is an Iceland-based energy consulting firm. We deliver independent analysis, critical knowledge and data on energy industry trends, energy markets, geopolitics, law, and strategy. Askja Energy’s expertise covers all the renewable energy sectors, with special emphasis on hydropower, geothermal energy, and electricity transmission in the Northern Atlantic region.

Askja Energy is frequently quoted by the international media as an important source on energy issues, as for example in the New York Times and CNN. In addition to Iceland, our regional focus is all the Northern Atlantic region, including Eastern Canada, Greenland, the Nordic Countries, and the United Kingdom.

Besides offering consulting services, Askja Energy Partners is the producer and developer of the Icelandic and Northern Energy Portal; a special information and data website covering all topics relating to energy issues in Iceland and other countries in the Northern Atlantic region. We offer our readers clear and concise understanding of energy issues in the region, presented in plain language with relevant maps, photos, charts and other visual explanation. Askja Energy Partners also provide consultancy on petroleum activities and strategy regarding the continental shelfs of Iceland and Greenland.

Ketill-Sigurjonsson-Askja-Energy-TV-2013Askja Energy Partners takes active part in discussions and development of Icelandic and Northern energy policies. Mr. Ketill Sigurjónsson, founder of Askja Energy Partners, is an accomplished analyst, strategist and advocate, with deep knowledge and experience in the fields of energy development and finances. He is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and roundtables, and a media commentator on issues of energy, development, law and economics.

Mr. Sigurjónsson earned his MBA from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in 2008. He also holds degrees in law and business, having studied at the London School of Economics (LSE) and the University of Iceland. In his spare time Mr. Sigurjónsson is a voracious mountain hiker.

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