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100% Green Electricity

Important basic facts:

›  Electricity production in Iceland is 100% from renewable sources.

›  Iceland produces more electricity than any other country (per capita).

›  So far only half of the best options have been utilized. Construction is under way for both new geothermal and hydropower projects. In addition, Iceland has interesting potentials for harnessing the wind as a power source.

›  With rising energy demand in the world, climate concerns, and EU’s ambitious renewable energy targets (20/20/20) Iceland’s green energy sources will become more competitive than ever before.

All electricity in Iceland comes from renewable power sources (hydro and geothermal). Icelandic electricity is also utilized in producing green fuels. Natural geothermal heat supplies most of the nation with low cost central heating and offer numerous other industrial possibilities. In comparison, more than three-quarters of the EU’s electricity comes from fossil fuels and nuclear plants.

Several attractive hydro and geothermal locations in Iceland are still unharnessed and there are new projects currently in development. Furthermore, it is likely that Iceland will soon focus on harnessing its excellent potential for wind power. The same applies to marine energy; the coast around Iceland offers numerous promising  locations for experimenting with marine energy technology and possibly harnessing it in the future.

You will find more information about upcoming power projects under our renewable sources menu.

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