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Partnership with the University of Iceland

The Icelandic Energy Portal is an information source about Icelandic energy issues. The Portal was launched in June 2012. Our ambition is to cover all issues relating to the Icelandic energy sector and become the most comprehensive and user-friendly information source and database on the subject.

University-of-Iceland-research-students Recently, we signed a formal agreement on cooperation with the University of Iceland. This, for example, means that we will be presenting research and studies by professors, teachers and students of the university.

The University of Iceland is a progressive educational and scientific institution, renowned in the global scientific community for its research. It is a state university, situated in the heart of Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. A modern, diversified and rapidly developing institution, the University of Iceland offers opportunities for study and research in almost 300 programmes spanning most fields of science and scholarship.

University-of-Iceland-studentsThe University of Iceland employs a large number of highly-educated and qualified academics. The vast majority of the permanent academic staff holds doctorate degrees and has studied and participated in research at respected foreign universities. Consequently academics at the University of Iceland are part of a strong and far-reaching global network, and many of them are leaders in their respective fields within the international scientific community.

The University of Iceland collaborates with hundreds of international universities and research institutes in student exchanges, research, faculty exchanges and more. All of the University’s students have the option of taking part of their degree at universities overseas. Hundreds of international students are enrolled at the University of Iceland, and their number is growing. The University employs numerous international guest professors and scientists and brings in lecturers from abroad almost on a daily basis. Hence the University is made up of a vibrant and multi-dimensional community of people.

University-of-Iceland-research-students-2Today, the University of Iceland is in the midst of a vigorous period of growth, currently ranked as one of the top 300 universities in the world. Research, scientific work and teaching at all levels are thriving, while remarkable achievements are attained on a regular basis with regards to improved facilities at the school. Recent and current undertakings serve to vastly enhance scientific activities and instruction at the University of Iceland and to improve facilities and opportunities for its students. Much more information about the university can be found on its comprehensive website.

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